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We are proud to announce our collaboration with Rhino+ for all our security deposit services! Through Rhino's efficient security deposit services, our tenants now have two options available to them. They can either make a traditional upfront cash payment for their security deposit in full or choose to enroll in Rhino's security deposit insurance policy (SDI) as an alternative to paying a traditional deposit. If you're interested in learning more about Rhino and the benefits they offer, please refer to the information below or visit

What is Rhino?

Rhino is a service that replaces your cash security deposit with an affordable and intelligent security deposit insurance. Rhino's insurance functions similarly to a security deposit but at a significantly reduced cost. By using Rhino, you can allocate your money towards other important expenses when moving in.

What is security deposit insurance?

Security deposit insurance (SDI) is a form of protection for the property you're renting during your lease period, similar to a cash security deposit. However, instead of paying a lump sum at the beginning, you can opt for a much lower payment for an insurance policy. It is not a payment plan for the deposit but rather a way to fulfill your property's security deposit requirement with a smaller upfront cost.


What does Rhino cover?

Unlike renters insurance, which safeguards your personal belongings, Rhino provides insurance coverage to the property owner for unpaid rent and excessive damages, just like a cash security deposit would. However, instead of paying for this protection in full upon moving in, you can choose a cost-effective insurance policy and save on your moving expenses.

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