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We offer properties that are suitable for all kinds of residents and businesses alike. With a special emphasis on apartments, single family homes and retail spaces, our leasing team offers the best in experience and know-how. With in-depth knowledge of the North and Central Florida markets, we can assist the leasing of your property with a variety of important services:


  • Property Assessment & Analysis

  • Marketing & Implementation

  • Lease Negotiation

  • Lease Preparation

Property management and maintenance services may seem like two sides of the same coin. Though they’re both essential for preserving and enhancing your property’s income and value, they are different. If done properly and regularly, property maintenance can be your greatest asset.



  • Service Repairs & Maintenance Requests

  • Turnovers & Remodels

  • Construction Management

  • Increase Property Value

  • Preventative Maintenance

One of the most important services we provide is assisting in the day-to-day finances as well as other administrative duties. Our aim is to help create, maintain and follow a budget for both short term and long term goals (i.e. capital improvements) and administrative tasks like reporting and record retention.


  • Income statements

  • Annual reports

  • Rent roll

  • Occupancy reports

  • Historical records

  • Purchase supplies

  • Issue purchase orders

  • Pay invoices

  • Vendor Administration

Our team can help you identify your new facility or home and negotiate the optimum terms of a lease. We will help you assess your needs, conduct the search and negotiate the rock bottom price and at the same time advise you as to how to structure the deal for future growth.



  • Needs Assessment

  • Site Selection & Comparative Analysis

  • Lease Analysis

  • Negotiations

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