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We pride ourselves in uncovering the “hidden” (off balance sheet) value that a business has. In order to effectively determine the value of a business and to best serve our clients, we look at a wide range of internal and external variables surrounding the business. Some of these factors include a review of current market conditions, personal goals and objectives, as well as a review of valuation expectations, deal structure, tax implications, and your management and employee concerns.


  1. Identify the Business

  2. Discovery & Valuation

  3. Offer / Negotiations

  4. Due Diligence

  5. Closing


Starting a business from scratch can be challenging. Franchising or buying an existing business can simplify the initial planning process.

Thousands of people have found opening a franchise business to be professionally and personally rewarding, allowing for them to become business owners with the proven systems, back-up, training and support of franchise networks that have been through the process before and can show you the way. Once you’ve found a franchise or business to buy, it’s important to conduct a thorough, objective investigation. That's where we come in, we'll help you create and evaluate important documents.


When selling a business, you want someone with experience that can get the most for your business all while being confidential. We are continually developing and implementing forward thinking programs, products and services that help our business brokers standout from all others in the industry.


As a result we provide more tangible benefits to our clients. Selling your business doesn't need to be difficult and can be broken down into five simple steps.


  1. Preparation & Valuation

  2. Marketing

  3. Soliciting Offers

  4. Offer Selection

  5. Final Negotiations and Closing

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