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For more than 20 years, Lafayette has been your partner to support you in all your investment projects in Florida.​

Choosing Lafayette means choosing the serenity of being accompanied by an experienced quality partner who will be able to guide you through the various stages of your project, whatever it may be.


The success of any investment project requires expertise in many areas. For all the services that we do not manage directly, we have developed for our clients a network of experts and qualified professionals in each area of ​​expertise requiring the intervention of third parties.

Get In Touch

         1613 King St. Jacksonville, FL 32204   

          5401 S. Kirkman Rd Ste. 310 Orlando, 32819


           (904) 719-7000

 FAX   (786) 228-0029

Determine Investment Objectives

Each investor is unique and has specific objectives. We will assist you in evaluating different asset classes and determining which will best meet these objectives and your specifications.

Property Search

We will search for properties across the state of Florida to find the one that best meets your previously defined objectives.


We will conduct negotiations directly with the sellers or their agents/representatives with the sole purpose of fighting for your interests and getting the best possible terms.

Contract Preparation

We put our experience to work to draft contracts with terms and conditions for our clients that best protect our clients. A well drafted contract is vital as it  prevents misunderstandings and disputes.

Financing & Refinancing

Over the years, we have developed a network of contacts and financing partners allowing us to help find financing and refinancing solutions for our clients/investors.

Rigorous & Transparent Property Management

We manage over 500 residential & commercial properties across Florida, ensuring you receive professional, thorough, and transparent management.

Company Formation & bank account opening

We offer our clients guidance and recommendations for the creation of your company and the opening of US bank accounts.

Network of Legal, Tax & Accounting Experts

Since our inception, we've developed a network of accountants, CPAs, tax, real estate and immigration attorneys that will be able to assist you and respond to all your questions 

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